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Gramma Mona
My name is Mona. My husband and I live on a small farm north of Corvallis where we board dogs year-round. When I was young, my father raised and trained championship hunting dogs. My sisters and I would feed, water and clean up after them, and I soon learned how to care for many dogs at the same time. Spending time with the dogs and playing with their puppies was one of the best parts of my childhood. I have been raising my own dogs and looking after those of friends and neighbors ever since. Here I am with my late Sheltie Quigley and two of our guests, Buddy (Golden Retriever) and Bailey (Boxer puppy).

I like to think of our canine guests as visiting grandchildren, and just like any grandma, I get to spoil them a little with tons of love. Not a kennel, our home is their home away from home, and we give them the run of the house and our huge fenced dog park. They'll also enjoy lounging on a covered deck. We also have a wading pool and sunning deck (see photos below).

There are 15 acres with woods to explore and a shaded creek in which to take a dip on hot summer days, a favorite activity for all. Other activites include daily walks and ball games. But of all the things we have to offer our daytime and overnight canine guests, the most important is love. Please be assured that your dog will have a clean, safe and comfortable place in which to stay and play, and will be truly cherished while in our care.

To be eligible for our services, all puppies must be housebroken and past the destructive stage. Adult dogs have to be spayed or neutered, up-to-date on their immunizations, and be on flea control (recommendations available). Before accepting a guest, we require a free "meet-and-greet" to ensure their compatibility with our other guests. Dogs staying for an extended visit are now required to pass a 24-hour trial period to avoid any potential risks and ensure the safety for all dogs. During the trial period you must be availible at any time to come pick your dog up if they are not working out, for whatever reason. Our main concern is to keep everyone safe.

In order to maintain a high standard of quality for our services, and to make sure that all of our guests will receive enough personal attention, we accept no more than 8 canine guests at a time. Consequently, we need to charge flat rates for our available time slots, rather than offer care by the hour.

Daycare only: $24.00 per dog.
  For 1 to 12 hours, between 6am and 6pm.
Overnight care: Add $6.00 per day.
  Initial 24-hour trial period: $30.00
    (Required for all dogs who will be spending an extended period of time here, except for daycare.)
  Pick-up day only, after overnight care:
    No charge if picked up before 9am.
    $12.00 if picked up before noon.
    $24.00 if picked up after noon and before 6pm.
Discounts for two or more dogs and stays of 10 days or longer.
Dogs are walked daily, so please be sure to call before you come out.

Gramma's Doggy Gifts:
We offer for sale a variety of exquisite, custom-crafted gifts for your dog, such as bed frames, raised food dish holders and toy boxes. We can also provide engraved memorials made by Innovative Etch and custom urns by D and M Woodworking for your departed loved ones.

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Please call me at 541-745-9080 for reservations or more information.

Outdoor Play Area with Dog Run, Lounging Deck and Wading Pool
Dog Run Lounging Deck Wading Pool

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